Photo Description: Margaret is smiling while sitting on a beach at La Jolla Cove in San Diego, CA. In the background is the ocean, rocky cliffs, seals, tourists, and a seagull in flight.
Photo Description: Margaret is standing to the left of a projector screen and looking up at the slide while considering the answer to a question after her talk at the 2022 Philosophy of Science Association meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I am a PhD candidate in Logic and Philosophy of Science at UC, Irvine. I study the philosophy of science, especially the philosophy of biology.

I study methodology and explanation in human cognitive evolution. I am also interested in genetics, causation, and values in science.

Before coming to UCI, I completed a BPhil in History & Philosophy of Science and a B.S. in Ecology & Evolution, both at the University of Pittsburgh.

I sometimes write popular science and philosophy of science articles, available here. I enjoy cycling, running, and reading (click here to see my Notion book log, where I record some of the things I’ve been reading lately). I have a cat called Sir John William Herschel, photo below.

[Photo by James Probus. Description: Herschel, a tuxedo cat with large yellow eyes, crouches on the floor of his apartment and looks suspiciously at the camera.]